Lithuania’s Constitutional Court opens MP Pukas impeachment case

Kęstutis Pūkas
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

The court said it would heard Seimas inquiries about impeachment on the fast track, however, the hearings would not open until the investigation of the circumstances has been completed and preparations for the hearings have been finalized.

The hearings are likely to open in fall, the Constitutional Court said in a press release.

In early May, the parliament unanimously turned to the court with a call for a conclusion whether Pukas’ actions run counter to the country’s main law.

The parliament’s ad hoc commission has proposed initiating impeachment proceedings against Pukas for breach of oath and gross violation of the Constitution. In the commission’s opinion, the parliamentarian has discredited the reputation of the state and the Seimas.

According to the finding, Pukas mistreated his female employees and female candidates during job interviews “by actions, words and non-verbal language that undermined the candidates’ dignity and was clearly a sign of discrimination on the grounds of their social status.”

Some witnesses said the hints were clearly of sexual character.

Pukas, who was elected to the parliament on the Order and Justice list, denies sexual harassment allegations and calls the committee’s probe “arbitrary and biased.”

Under the Statute of the Seimas, if the Constitutional Court concludes that none of the specific actions of a lawmaker against whom impeachment proceedings have been instituted run counter to the Constitution, the parliament adopts a decision to terminate the proceedings.

If the court concludes that the lawmaker has breached the oath and grossly violated the Constitution, the parliament may strip that person of his or her mandate if at least three-fifths of all of MPs, or 85 lawmakers, vote in favor.

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