Lithuania’s new MP to be elected in run-off vote

Savivaldybių tarybų rinkimai
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

According to preliminary results published by the Central Electoral Commission, the run-off vote in two weeks will include Andzejus Andruškevičius of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania who secured 34.24 percent of the vote, and Social Democrat Vidas Mikalauskas with 24.68 percent.

The Varėna-Eišiškės constituency needed a to elect a new MP after Algis Kašėta, who won a mandate here in 2012, was elected as Varėna district mayor and gave up his mandate in parliament.

Meanwhile, the new mayor of Širvintos district was elected in the first round already. The repeated mayoral elections on Sunday secured victory for acting mayor Živile Pinskuvienė of the Labour Party.

According to the election results, Pinskuvienė was supported by 67.17 percent of voters, far ahead of former vice-mayor Andrius Jozonis with 11.99 percent.

The repeated election was held after the election watchdog canceled the results of the Širvintos district mayoral elections due to gross violations in March.

Repeated elections were on Sunday also held in the Trakai district, with the Liberal Movement and the Lithuanian Social Democrat Party winning the bulk of the seats in Trakai council. A run-off round will be needed in mayoral election there.

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