Lithuania’s special investigators applaud growing number of corruption reports


According to the press release, 1,925 complaints, reports, statements and requests from the population were received last year, including about a third of them anonymous. This approximately a third more than in earlier years: 1,509 in 2015 and 1,316 in 2014.

STT said a total of 26 investigations were opened based on the reports in 2016, which is just over a percent from all appeals from the nation, while the remaining well-grounded complaints are forwarded to other services. Nevertheless, the STT actions launched in response to the residents’ complaints account for about half of all pre-trial investigations: from the 57 probes started in 2016, 26 were opened in connection to residents’ complaints, while the respective figures in 2015 were 39 and 77, and in 2014 20 and 66.

“The 28 percent in the number of reports received shows that the nation is becoming increasingly intolerant of corruption. The majority approach us over operations of municipalities and municipal institutions in administrative and public services, health care or pharmaceutical services, planning issues and public procurement,” reads the press release.

STT said nearly 1,000 reports of corruption had been received within the first six months of this year, with medical and municipal sectors being the most problematic.

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