Lithuania’s stats office says doesn’t know if prices rise due to euro entry

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“We see a clear impact of seasonality. An upward trend in services prices continues and we cannot say if this is due to the decision to introduce the euro or some other factors. We do not have such information,” Nadiežda Alejeva, head of the Price Statistics Department at Statistics Lithuania, said at a news conference on Friday.

The largest increases in services prices were in restaurants and cafes, medical care, and beauty salons. However, discounts, particularly those on fruit and vegetable prices, are also having an impact on the overall price index, she said.

A survey showed the biggest increases in September in prices for tomatoes (up 27.1 percent), oranges (up 9.5 percent), shampoo (up 5 percent), dish detergent (up 3.7 percent) and toilet soap (up 3.1 percent).

The largest decreases last month were recorded in prices for onions (down 32.8 percent), beets (down 29 percent), washed carrots (down 23.4 percent), potatoes (down 22.7 percent), green grapes (down 19.9 percent), white cabbage (down 13.3 percent) and apples (down 11.4 percent).

The statistics office releases data on changes in prices for main goods and services on a monthly basis.

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