Maxima looking to prove that Russia is behind boycott over high prices

According to Maxima LT spokeswoman Renata Saulytė, the company has not yet decided if it will turn to the VSD as an individual company or on behalf of all retailers.

The spokeswoman has confirmed to BNS that there are suspicions that Russia-friendly forces are behind the boycott initiative and that it is aimed at triggering unrest rather than at expressing popular discontent with prices.

“We have not yet done so, but we are putting down all of our observations, because we suspect that attempts by certain forces unfavorable to Lithuania to incite people are behind this seemingly peaceful initiative,” Saulytė told BNS.

“We can see this inside the company, too. There are attempts to do this via our employees. We can see this in social media,” the spokeswoman said.

“We have consulted the Ministry of National Defence and are trying to formulate an official statement to the VSD,” she added.

According to Saulytė, some of the initiators of the boycott are named in the VSD’s report on the threats to national security, including Laurynas Ragelskis, a man known to the public for his anti-state statements.

When asked if this was not an attempt to dampen popular discontent with high prices, Maxima’s spokeswoman said that the aim was to ensure security.

Around 100,000 people are expected to join the boycott of supermarket chains on May 10 through 13, which was sparked in part by extraordinarily high cauliflower prices.

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