MEP calls for international search of Lithuanian boy taken from family by Norway’s child services

Valentinas Mazuronis
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“I referred in writing to Minister of the Interior Saulius Skvernelis requesting to find the minor citizen of our country because neither his relatives, nor the Lithuanian Embassy in Norway, nor Lithuanian children’s rights institutions have news about him, his place of residence, health or protection of his interests. I believe that Lithuanian institutions must attend to their citizens and to do everything to find the child,” said Mazuronis.

The letter notes that the child’s mother Gražina Leščinskienė was not deprived of parental rights neither by a Lithuanian nor a Norwegian court. However, parental rights were taken away from her by the commission of Norway’s More og Romsdal county, which, according to lawyers, is not a judicial body, even though it has a right to decide on child protection matters in Norway.

The Lithuanian MEP asked the interior minister to invoke all available resources, including an international search warrant, to find the Lithuanian child and return him to Lithuania.

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