Migration officials drawing up housing register for asylum-seekers

At the Migration Department
DELFI / Juozas Markevičius

People who have applied for asylum in Lithuania currently live in the Foreigners Registration Center in Pabrade. Detained illegal migrants also stay there while they await decisions on their deportation.

The center can accommodate around 180 people and may not have the capacity to take in all asylum-seekers if a much higher than usual number of them arrives in Lithuania.

Therefore, the government last month expanded the list of places that could provide accommodation for asylum-seekers.

“In principle, the aim is to prepare ourselves to handle a situation where there is an influx of asylum seekers,” Deputy Interior Minister Giedrius Surplys, who is in charge of migration issues, told BNS.

The government also asked public authorities and municipalities to propose where asylum-seekers could be accommodated.

Fifty-one people currently live in the Pabradė centre, pending the Migration Department’s decision on their asylum application.

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