Mix of conscript and professional soldiers best approach to army, says President

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The President discussed state security in her annual speech and focussed on a mixed approach to recruitment of soldiers as the most cost-efficient way of maintaining the armed forces.

“It will continue to be important to ensure military and diplomatic, as well as internal security of the state. Regarding the military, I continue to hold the view that Lithuania should have a mixed army in the long run. A mixed army is the cheapest and most effective way of securing the safety of a medium sized country, so it should be maintained in the future.”

Kaunas University of Technology professor Algis Krupavičius said that the country’s leader had enough instruments at her disposal to dictate national security policy and influence foreign policy, but in other areas while the president had a voice, she did not have a decision-making role.

LRT, Žinių Radijas

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