Mobile banking not popular in Lithuania – poll

Mobile phone and laptop
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The poll commissioned by the telecommunication company Omnitel and carried out by the market research company SIC showed that 14 percent of residents pay for goods and services by using their mobile phones, while 6 percent of respondents say that they use their phones only to pay for parking. A total of 5 percent order their insurance policy online or via a short text message, while only 2 percent pay for fuel using their mobile phones.

The poll also revealed that around 40 percent of respondents access the Internet on their mobile phones, over half of these people use the Internet on a daily basis, but only 24 percent use their mobile phones for business. The great majority of those polled use their mobile phones to reads news, access their social networks, listen to music or play games.

The largest share of those using their mobile phones to access the Internet are young people: 81 percent of 16-32 year old respondents do it on a regular basis.

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