New prosecutor general promises changes to office in first press conference

Prosecutor General Evaldas Pašilis
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

The prosecutor general said that “When speaking about my vision of the prosecution system, I would really like that positive changes would happen not in speeches, but in reality. Firstly, that the institution would be more transparent and that the rights and freedoms of simple ordinary people would be respected. Similarly, prosecutors should feel safe, dignified, and should be able to do their daily work.”

Pašilis spoke about prosecutors‘ training and ethics, saying, “Working as a judge, I think, I have been watching prosecutors for many years in public speeches, how they speak, and their procedural documents. You could look at it from a prosecutor ethical side, which is very important. Maybe sometimes raising your voice against participants in proceedings is not tactful and is unethical.”

When asked what his first task will be, Pašilis said he wants to become better acquainted with the institution and the team. The prosecutor general said he wanted to have 2 or 3 deputies. He said there are people to choose from but did not name candidates.

The Prosecutor General said “I really cannot tell you any names yet, because by the law of the Prosecutor‘s Office, deputies are proposed by the Prosecutor General and appointed by the President.”

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