Nice massacre ‘attack on French values’ – senator in Vilnius

At the same time, she said that France even after the terrorist attacks had to stand strong against attempts to intimidate the society.

“It is a shock, the same as we had to sustain the terrorist attacks last November. It’s the same, it’s a symbolic attack on what we are, on what we stand for. There are innocent people, civilians that are being killed by people who do not want to share our way of life and want to instil terror,” Conway-Mouret, secretary general of the French Senate’s Commission for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces, told journalists outside the French Embassy in Vilnius on Friday.

“The stroke at cafés, in a concert hall and now this time – simply outside where people were watching fireworks on a very important day for us. It was a national day, the 14th of July, it’s what we stand for – freedom, equality and fraternity. And this is what is being attacked today, that’s the way we feel it,” she added.

The French politician noted that France felt the solidarity of the world community after the attack and will now seek to “stand up and resist”, adding that the country would seek to enhance intelligence cooperation with other countries in an effort to “prevent these actions”.

“Of course, it is linked to Daesh (another name for Islamic State, IS or ISIS), although there has been no announcement today from the terrorist organization that they are behind it but at the same time it is linked to the international terrorism action. What do you call it? Somebody who just kills innocent people watching fireworks – it is a terrorist attack, even it is the action of one man, not organized by an organization,” Conway-Mouret emphasized.

At least 84 people were killed in early hours of Friday when a lorry crashed into a crowd of people gathered on a promenade in the seaside resort of Nice, southern France, to observe fireworks of the Bastille Day.

‘Crime against humanity’

The attack on Nice is a crime against humanity that will be condemned for centuries, says Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė.

“The terrorist attack in Nice is a crime against humanity, which is unjustifiable and will be condemned for centuries. No furious terror will intimidate a nation that has managed to fight for its freedom for centuries and has secured freedom, equality and fraternity. That is the day when France was attacked. Therefore, all of our hearts are with the people of France. We understand them, we mourn and support them,” the president said in a press release circulated by the President’s Office.

‘From words to action’

Meanwhile Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius says the attack is a reminder of how important it is to move from words to actions and step up cooperation among special services.

“It is a reminder for us all about how important it is to shift from words to more actual tasks, when it comes to interaction, cooperation and information exchange among special services,” Linkeviąius told BNS on Friday.

In his words, terrorist attacks are organized in advance, therefore, it is crucial to receive and exchange updates about plans of terrorists.

“This is yet another stress and reminder that the world should be really concerned. Our words that they will not win go without saying – obviously, they cannot triumph. However, the sacrifice is too big and the damage is too high to just observe and express condolences. What we need to do is make actual changes to the situation and do it without delay,” said the Lithuanian diplomacy chief.

Linkevičius said he was angry and disappointed at “such insanity going so far”.

“They are cowards who murder civilians including children under the guise of some alleged values, and they simply deserve full condemnation. This is what they and societies should understand – all religions, all cultures,” said the minister.

The foreign minister laid flowers outside the French Embassy on Friday after conveying condolences over the attack earlier in the day.

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