No active terrorist organisations in Lithuania, says report

Financial Crime Investigation Service
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“There have been no direct threats of terrorist attacks against Lithuania or its citizens abroad. Lithuania formally has a low level of threat of terrorist attacks, meaning that a terrorist attack is unlikely,” said the report.

Kęstutis Jucevičius, the head of the FNTT, said that large suspicious financial transactions were not executed through Lithuania because of the small size of the country.

“Lithuania is a small state. Major criminals will avoid it because the banking sector will instantly notice any suspicious transactions. They know that it is risky to do banking transfers through Lithuania,” said Jucevičius.

However, last year €8 million worth of suspicious transactions were frozen by authorities with €5 million of these eventually seized according to Sigitas Šileikis, the head of the FNTT Money Laundering Prevention Board.

Lithuania‘s banks have far fewer customers residing outside the country, around 1%, compared to some neighbouring countries.


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