No ministers or Seimas members on Swiss bank account list, says tax inspectorate

Last year, VMI representatives in Paris received data from the Parisian tax authorities about Lithuanian residents’ balances in HSBC Bank’s Swiss division. Several Lithuanian taxpayers were identified, which included well-known public figures. However, no members of the Seimas or government ministers were found.

Darius Buta, a representative of the VMI, said that the VMI will receive even more information about Lithuanian residents’ bank accounts in foreign banks starting next year.

“The tax inspectorate received information about several tens of Lithuanian residents’ accounts, their information, and what they have in those accounts. However, we want to emphasize that no Seimas members neither government ministers were on those lists. We received that information half a year ago, but the information is a bit more than half a year old. We should emphasize that, starting next year, the tax inspectorate will receive even more information about all Lithuanian residents’ accounts in foreign banks,” said VMI representative Buta.

The data received by the VMI is being analysed to ascertain Lithuanian residents’ sources of income to ensure that their wealth was achieved legally and that they are not evading taxes.

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