No risk, no bitcoins: a study revealed a lot of surprises about Lithuanians

Reuters / Scanpix

„Our earlier study showed that 82 percent of Lithuanians are aware of cryptocurrencies, which is why we decided to find out who those Lithuanians interested in bitcoins, ether and other cryptocurrencies are. It was discovered that the absolute majority, which was 88 percent, of Lithuanians interested in cryptocurrencies is made up by men, and about 70 percent of them are younger than 35 years old. Such results show that this new market attracts users with specific skills”, – says Magdalena Gołębiewska, the director of the cryptocurrency market platform „Luno” in Eastern Europe that ordered the study.

She noticed that the study has also revealed many intriguing facts about Lithuanians that are interested in cryptocurrencies. For instance, it would not be difficult to spot them on the street, as most of such men have a beard – they are 12 times more interested in the services of barbershops than the average Lithuanian male. What is also interesting is that almost a fifth of those internet users actively observe the work done by the Lithuanian police on social media – they read, „like” and comment on the posts written by the officers.

Moreover, Lithuanians that seek for information about cryptocurrencies are great fans of basketball: compared to all users from Lithuania, there are twice as many of those particular Lithuanians interested in basketball. And not only basketball – every second social media user that finds digital currencies relevant is interested in some type of sport.

The study has also confirmed one more theory about cryptocurrency supporters – they are passionate gamblers that are actively involved in the pages and fan groups of poker, casino and other kinds of gambling.

„Cryptocurrencies are considered quite a risky investment, which is why we advise our clients to invest only such a sum of money that would not hurt them or their family’s financial situation. On the other hand, a big risk may mean a big win. Therefore, in some ways investing into cryptocurrencies does resemble gambling”, – it was noted by M. Gołębiewska.

Lithuanians interested in bitcoins also share such traits as enjoying music and demonstrating interest in technologies and active lifestyle.

In the study conducted by the company „Metricso” over 1,5 million actions on social media done by 24,6 thousand various users from Lithuania were analysed. Anonymous statistical information about social media users was used during the research.

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