Norway to deliver NASAMS air defense systems to Lithuania by 2020


Lithuania and Norway have this week signed a technical agreement on the procurement of NASAMS components and missiles that sets out the terms and conditions and responsibilities of the parties regarding the acquisition, as well as Norway’s support to Lithuania in developing mid-range air defense capabilities, it said.

“The signing of this technical agreement is one of the most important phases in developing mid-range defense capabilities of the Lithuanian Armed Forces,” Defence Minister Juozas Olekas said in a press release.

“Our partner Norway has not only agreed to sell NASAMS equipment, which will strengthen the security of Lithuania’s airspace, but also to assist in introducing the system in the Lithuanian Armed Forces,” he said.

The Defence Ministry will continue the mid-range air defense system project to procure other NASAMS equipment: radars and fire control centers. All these components will be ultimately combined in a system capable of performing air defense tasks, including aerial surveillance and control, early warning for ground units, and destroying of targets when necessary, according to the press release.

Two air defense batteries will be equipped with the systems acquired from Norway.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces currently have only short-range aircraft defense systems.

The mid-range air defense system project is estimated to cost Lithuania slightly more than 100 million euros.

Lithuania has been increasing weapons purchases and beefing up its defense budget in response of Russia’s actions in Ukraine and in the Baltic Sea region.

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