Oman interested in Lithuanian food and Klaipėda port potential, PM says

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In his words, ritual slaughter in line with Muslim customs allowed in Lithuania since the start of 2015 would open new opportunities for beef exports.

“Selling our food products here is one of our primary objectives. They are highly interested, however, they said right away that they demanded extremely high quality. Businesses will have to cooperate, they already started meetings today,” Butkevičius said in an interview to BNS from Oman on Tuesday.

“We also spoke about the Klaipėda seaport, which should become central to the exports of their goods to the Baltic and the Scandinavian countries, and ports in Oman could be used for our exports to Persian Gulf region,” said the PM.

In his words, the meetings in Oman also addressed the cooperation in fields of information technologies, medicine and tourism, as well as the possibility to open flights between the two countries. The need to promote exchange of professionals and students was also on the agenda.

Butkevičius said he proposed setting up an intergovernmental panel for discussion of bilateral issues.

“They are willing to invest in joint projects between Lithuania and Oman. They are highly interested in the logistics field, we spoke a lot about information technologies. They know about our solar panels, they know we have a superb company, which has a name in countries, such as the Republic of South Africa and Malaysia,” the prime minister told BNS.

He expressed certitude that Oman will choose Lithuania for its first embassy in the Baltic states.

Based in the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is dependent on oil exports, however, its reserves are smaller than those of other countries in the Persian Gulf. The sultan who heads the country is currently undergoing medical treatment in Germany.

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