Oro Navigacija starts rebranding of its image by changing its logo

Presentation of the new logo marks the start of rebranding of the image of SE Oro Navigacija, which plans to strengthen its position in the international level, change its legal status and attract the society’s attention to its activities, which affect lives of many Lithuanians.

“Everyone who travels from/to Lithuania by air is affected by the air navigation services rendered by us, however, in the minds of travellers the name of our company is hardly associated with these services”, notes Mindaugas Gustys, CEO of the company, when commenting on the reasons for this change. “By changing the logo, we are seeking to convey a more innovative and open image of our company to our partners and the aviation community in Lithuania and in the world, moreover that the new trademark is informative and easy to decode”.

The new logo implies activities of the company and highlights its values, also it seems to be multi-functional. Forming the basis of the logo, the letters ON not only signify the name of the company but also communicate in English a message on the continuity of functions and the status of being constantly on the watch. The waves inside the letter O symbolize radio signals and radar waves emphasising the specific activities of the company. The eye-catching combination of blue and grey adds impressive stability, modernity and realism to the graphic history on airspace management.

The new logo also marks a new stage in the history of Oro Navigacija. After Mindaugas Gustys had taken the helm of the company early in 2017, the organisational structure of the company was changed, as well as the system of organising and conducting public procurement; an audit was performed, and cooperation with institutions of national security was strengthened. The company conducts surveys in order to find out the employees’ values and opinions on various issues. This year, according to recommendations of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Audit Committee has been formed and the Anti-Corruption Management System has been implemented in the company.

SE Oro Navigacija belongs to the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB) established by Lithuania and Poland in 2012, and it joined the European iTEC Alliance in 2017.

Oro Navigacija

The State Enterprise Oro Navigacija ensures that the air navigation services provided to aircraft flying the Lithuanian airspace are safe and efficient. Over the period January–October 2018, the total number of flights operated in the Lithuanian airspace made up 227.5 thousand. Overflights made up 172.6 thousand, or three fourths of the total flight number. The costs of Oro Navigacija are fully covered by revenue from the main activities – provision of air navigation services, so the company receives no funds from the state budget.

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