Over one fifth of Lithuanians face poverty

The at-risk-of-poverty threshold last year was defined as living on a €259 monthly income for a single person and €574 for a family of two adults and two children under 14 years of age, Statistics Lithuania said on Wednesday.

Neither minimum wage legislation, nor retirement pensions did much to alleviate poverty of some people, according to the press release.

Deduction of income tax and social security fees from a minimum monthly wage puts disposable income €12 below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold.

The share of people living below the poverty risk line is similar in all the three Baltic states, reported at 22.5% in Latvia and 21.5% in Estonia.

However, the income level for calculating the poverty line is very different. The threshold is set at €394 a month in Estonia, €291 in Latvia and €259 in Lithuania.

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