Parliament proposes to declare Lithuania GMO-free zone

Vida Press

According to Chairman of the Seimas Committee on Rural Affairs, Saulius Bucevičius, Lithuania must maintain the image of a country that cultivates natural and organic agricultural products and must continue a careful and weighed policy regarding GMOs.

The committee has urged responsible Lithuanian institutions to seek to limit the supply of genetically modified feed to the Lithuanian market when new EU laws or projects are considered.

The committee believes that the Ministry of Environment after coordinating with the Ministry of Agriculture must constantly demand via the European Commission not to include the territory of Lithuania into GMO-growing zone.

The committee asked the Government to inform about the implementation of the decision by 1 November 2015.

The Seimas Committee on Rural Affairs made a decision on GMO cultivation after considering information on GMOs submitted by the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture and the Chamber of Agriculture.

MPs were also introduced to the European Parliament’s and the European Council’s directive of 11 March partially amending the Member States’ possibilities to restrict or ban GMO cultivation.

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