Parties allowed to spend up to €2.2m on election campaigns

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

The maximum limit of €2.2 million will apply to parties that will have candidates running in all 71 single-seat constituencies and a candidate list in the proportional representation part of the elections.

The parties will be allowed to spend up to €740,000 to promote their candidate lists while candidates in single-seat constituencies will be able to launch campaigns worth between €19,000 and €22,000, depending on the size of the district.

Candidates qualifying for the run-offs will be allowed the spend 25% on top of that.

Campaign spending must not exceed the set limits irrespective of whether parties start spending the money before the official launch of their electoral campaigns or after, the Central Electoral Commission noted. Parties that fail to observe the rule will face sanctions.

Lithuania is holding general elections in October.

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