Past 4 years haven’t been used for Lithuanian state’s progress

Waiting nuotr.

Mindaugas Lingė the president’s advisor on internal affairs, noted that there had been no economic crisis that could have held back progress in the past few years.

“We had a four-year period of uninterrupted government. It was a period of relative economic calm, years of higher or lower economic growth, when we did not face any major crises that would have had an impact and would have required very difficult decisions during this period. However, we do not see (these years) having been used to achieve the goals of progress of the state,” Lingė said on Žinių Radijas.

“In summary, when we look back at this period, we can state that we have the consequences of socially insensitive policies,” he added.

In the advisor’s words, the president sees poverty reduction, improving of education, increasing of the transparency of public procurement processes, optimization of the public sector and more ambitious management of state-owned enterprises as key challenges that the next government will face.

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