PM sceptical about setting up new institutions in wake of Saviečiai double homicide

Butkevičius said there was a proposal to set up a new institution, the Child Rights Protection Inspectorate, but another option would be expanding the powers of the Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service.

“Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service already exists, but perhaps it needs additional authority so that not only local authorities would be responsible, but also certain civil servants at the governmental level. The powers currently held by the Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service should be extended, if we see such a need after an investigation,” the PM said, adding that the investigation of the double homicide should be completed within a month.

The tragedy took place in Saviečiai village on 2 January. Amid an alcohol-induced domestic conflict with his partner, a father (36) drove the woman out of their house and then threw their 6-month-old daughter and 2-year-old son into a well. Both children died.

Currently, 10,000 families in Lithuania are considered “at risk”. About 3.7 percent of all children grow in such families.

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