President Grybauskaitė strictly against plans to limit Lithuanian timber sale

E. Kniežausko nuotr.

As she told the national radio LRT on Thursday morning, the Seimas Committee on Environment Protection had already received the president’s sceptical opinion on the proposed amendments to the Law on Forestry. The Committee opposed to the proposed amendments on Wednesday.

“The Special Investigation Service has presented us with an anti-corruption assessment regarding the proposed conditions. The assessment states that the proposals constitute market abuse by creating special and exceptional conditions to certain processors, namely, the major processors. Also, in the opinion of the Competition Council, the European Law Department under the Ministry of Justice, and the Lithuanian Forest Cluster, the privilege is intended for some three major companies, while other participants of the market – over 800 of them – would practically be thrown overboard. Large-scale businesses would be protected and it is a case of open discrimination against other players in the marker. This is not only against Lithuania’s laws and the country’s Constitution but also against European law,” the president said.

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