President says she voted for change

President Grybauskaitė casting her ballot in early voting in the Seimas elections
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

“For changes that would lead towards stable improvement of well-being,” the president told journalists at the Vilnius municipality on Wednesday morning.

Grybauskaitė said she voted early to demonstrate her interest in taking part in the election.

Asked to specify her expectations for the future administration, Grybauskaitė said: “First of all, they should think about Lithuania and its people rather than their pocket. The should be less stealing.”

“One should vote for Lithuania, and Lithuania is always here,” the president said when asked to give advice to voters who are disappointed in politicians.

The ballot paper for multi-mandate districts includes 14 lists, with 12 nominated by political parties and two coalitions, including two parties each.

To win mandates in Lithuania’s 141-seat parliament, a party has to collect over 5 percent of the vote, while the threshold for coalitions is 7 percent.

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