Proposed social model is modern, but out of touch with reality – MP Sysas

Algirdas Sysas
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“The Seimas will give its blessing for the social model when it is approved by the Tripartite Council,” emphasised Sysas.

At the Tripartite Council on Tuesday, 24 March, representatives of employers and employees had different views on many of the proposed social amendments. Therefore it was decided that the study which was prepared by scientists should be analysed for a month. According to Sysas, this is too short of a period because the study commissioned by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour provides not only for the amendment of the Labour Code but related legislation, such as the Law on State Social Insurance, as well.

“One has to admit that this (model -ELTA) is very modern, innovative and perhaps even ahead of other countries, but it is out of touch with reality,” Sysas told the radio Žinių Radijas. “We do not have ideal employers or ideal employees (&) we should return to reality and thus the Tripartite Council, really acting people, will bring it down to earth”.

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