Russia may resort to “hidden military measures” against NATO member – report

Russia's soldiers (green men) without insignias in Crimea

According to the report presented at the parliament, the probability of conventional war in the Baltic Sea region remains low, however, Russia’s “actual use of military power in Ukraine and continued demonstration of military power” has a negative effect upon Lithuania’s security situation.

“Russia so far remains unable of opening a military conflict against NATO,” reads the report of national security threats.

The department said that the countries of the Baltic Sea region, which are members of NATO, “may potentially be affected by Russia’s so-called ‘hybrid strategy’, which envisages the use of unconventional and hidden military measures.”

“We cannot rule out that Russia may resort to the measures against one of the Alliance’s members in hopes that NATO would not be able to respond in due time and manner due to the complicated decision-making mechanism and differing interests of member-states,” reads the document,
Lithuania’s military intelligence has emphasized Russia’s consistent increase of financing of Armed Forces and military activity in the Western strategic direction.

According to the report, Russia’s last year combat readiness checks revealed its capacity of the military group deployed in its Kaliningrad region by way of shifting additional capacities to the region, including the Iskander-M missile complexes.

“Extremely high intensity of combat training raises the probability of random or premeditated incidents that would involve troops and combat equipment of Russia’s Armed Forces,” the department warned.

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