Skvernelis after meeting Matijošaitis: I do not want to discuss the presidential elections

Visvaldas Matijošaitis, Saulius Skvernelis
DELFI montažas

Elected for a second term, Kaunas Mayor V. Matijošaitis publicly confirmed he endorses S. Skvernelis’ presidential bid.

S. Skvernelis spent half a day in Kaunas on Friday and in the company of V. Matijošaitis visited a number of development projects in Kaunas, among which was the S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium, which is being reconstructed.

“We did not discuss it. We spoke about issues in Kaunas, questions regarding Kaunas. We oversaw progress, where we are stalling, discussed due dates. Economic questions. Financing has long been discussed because no project starts without financing,” S. Skvernelis spoke.

“We spoke about the major projects, to which the cabinet will contribute. That is the construction of the stadium and the science island. We hope for 10-15 million euro in government support for the stadium. The science island project is going to be implemented with the contribution of three ministries,” V. Matijošaitis spoke.

The Prime Minister also assured he feels not only V. Matijošaitis’, but also other mayor’s support.

“I feel the support of most mayors. Kaunas included. We have good relations with the municipalities and there were no problems. I do not want to talk about the presidential elections because the goal today is not that,” S. Skvernelis spoke.

“I believe S. Skvernelis already knows of my support from news media. I like his efficiency. I have interacted with prime ministers before, however this prime minister upholds his word and I like this because without cabinet support, it would be hard to manage the city,” V. Matijošaitis stated.

On the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day, the prime minister was questioned on why the current cabinet does not contain a single female minister.

“I want to point out a fact that at the start of the term, we had three female ministers and the changes do not always depend on us,” S. Skvernelis responded.

There were also talks about the Ministry of Agriculture move to Kaunas. That said, nothing specific was said in this regard. The only clear thing is that the ministry is not to be established in the former Kaunas central post building.

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