Social Democrats to start public discussion about Lithuania’s social model

Crowd in Kaunas
DELFI (R. Achmedovas)

The LSDP’s political group presented the new social model to the Seimas. The model was prepared with the help of scientists and experts. It consists of four major parts – social insurance, increase of employment, regulation of labour relations and fight against poverty. The presentation was attended by Minister of Social Security and Labour Algimanta Pabedinskienė, Professors Romas Lazutka and Teodoras Medaiskis and Head of AB Švyturys trade union Raimondas Tamasauskas.

The LSDP believes that the future social model of Lithuania and related laws (the Labour Code, the Law on Social Insurance etc.) have to satisfy both employees and business people. According to the party, the model has to ensure: creation of new jobs; flexibility and security of labour relations which would be beneficial both to employees and employers; opportunities for trade unions; harmonisation of family and professional life; lifelong learning guarantees; equal opportunity policies at work etc.

The LSDP says it has not chosen the path of revolutionary and prompt social reforms. Instead, the proposed social model will be discussed with the public, including social partners, business people, non-governmental organisations and citizens. The model will be transposed into laws only if an agreement is reached. The Social Democrats invite the Lithuanian public for a constructive discussion.

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