Social minister suggests raising state-supported income to EUR 122 per month

Ministry of Social Security and Labour
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

The level, applied when calculating monetary social benefits for the poor, is currently 102 euros.

The ministry says that raising the sum would increase the number of people eligible to social benefits and money earmarked for social assistance, as the level determines the size of social benefits, compensations for heating, benefits for refugees, right to free lunches at school and support to purchase school supplies, as well as other benefits.

In 2015, about 22 percent of the population lived below the poverty risk line.

According to the ministry’s calculations, raising the state-supported income will require an additional 6.8 million euros from the state budget annually, in addition to 64.8 million euros from municipal budget.

If payments for children are next year paid in accordance to the revenue next year, the need for additional funds from the state money will total at 9.5 million euros.

The state-supported income was last increased in August of 2008 from 68 euros to then 102 euros per month.

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