SPA restructuring should not affect tourists’ plans – Lithuania’s Tourism Department

Small Planet Airlines
Organizatorių nuotr.

Tadas Žentelis of the Tourism Department says the situation was earlier discussed with tour operators Tez Tour and Novaturas working with Small Planet Airlines.

“Both tour operators say they have assessed risks and the number of companies they are working with is growing, i.e., several companies are already carrying out flights to certain destinations, including the most popular destinations in Turkey,” Žentelis told BNS Lithuania.

He could not identify, however, the tour operators’ alternative partners.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, representatives of several travel agencies told BNS Lithuania that several tour operators already have contracts with other carriers for 2019, including Turkish Airlines as well Polish, Czech and Turkish charter airlines.

But experts of the tourism market say some travels might be halted, if Small Planet Airlines leaves, as there’s a deficit of planes in this market.

Small Planet Airlines announced on Tuesday its decision to also restructure its company in Lithuania after it earlier started restructuring its subsidiaries in Poland and Germany. Small Planet Airlines on Tuesday turned to court in Lithuania for permission to start restructuring the Lithuanian company. It’s also looking for investors into the three companies.

There are three large tour operators in Lithuania, including Novaturas, Tez Tour and Kidy Tour. And also Polish tour operator Itaka launched its operations in Lithuania earlier this year.

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