Spanish Ebola victim’s dog faces death

Vida Press

Teresa Romero’s husband Javier is among those now being monitored for the disease.

But he has issued a plea for the couple’s dog to be spared after authorities said it should be put down, sparking a protest outside the building.

Javier Limon, Teresa Romero’s husband, says: “I am in hospital and I call on society to help me save my dog, Excalibur. They want to kill him for no reason, without following any procedure. Associations are supporting us.”

In Madrid about 100 people gathered outside the Spanish Health Care Ministry to protest over the government’s handling of the case.

They’re demanding the resignation of the Health Minister.

Officials say they still can’t confirm how Romero contracted the disease.

She’d been helping two priests who caught Ebola in Africa subsequently died after repatriation to Spain.

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