Statistics Lithuania: Women significantly outnumber men

Women made up 54 percent of the total population, there being 1171 women per 1000 men. Women aged 65 and older made up 22 percent of all women, men – 14 percent of all men.

Married women aged 15 and older made up 46 percent, men – 53 percent. The number of divorced women was 1.7 times, that of widowed women – as much as 7 times higher than that of men.

Among all students enrolled in higher education women amounted to 58 percent and 42 percent of men.

According to the Labour Force survey data, the activity rate of women aged 15-64 stood at 70.3 that of men – at 74.7 percent.

The female unemployment rate stood at 10.5, the male one – at 13.1 percent.

Health care and social work, where women made up 86 percent of all employees, remained the most feminine field of activity; in education, women made up 80, accommodation and food service activities – 77 percent. The most masculine fields of activity – construction (where men made up 92 percent of all employees) and transportation and storage (74 percent).

The average gross monthly earnings of women made up 86 per cent of those of men.

5.7 thousand women and 293 men were recorded as victims of domestic violence, i.e. family members – a spouse, a cohabitant.

Out of 30.7 thousand persons suspected of (charged with) criminal offences, each ninth (11 percent) was a woman.

2.1 thousand women were sentenced by courts. The number of sentenced men was by 8.3 times more. At the end of the year, 371 (5 percent) women and 7772 (95 percent) men were serving time in imprisonment.

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