Students protest Labour Code by blockading Government building

DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

Rolandas, one of the group’s initiators, said that the protest was a civil performance gathering. The 50 students sat down in front of the Government building with tents and said that they will not move until they receive a reaction from the government. They also brought a banner reading “The belt is already chafing our bones.”

Police officers and Government security officers notified the students that they were violating the Law on Gatherings and that they were holding theirs too close to the government building.

As of Early Thursday morning, about 40 students remain. A majority of the protesters are students from Kaunas.

A police representative told Delfi that the individuals participating in the protest are being identified and that they are deciding whether to charge the students, but that they will not currently be dispersed.

The parliament (Seimas) passed the Labour Code yesterday despite doubts from many labour and employer representatives and even the president.

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