Lithuanian parlt sets up task force for referendum on dual citizenship

The Lithuanian parliament’s board has decided to set up a task force for preparations for the referendum on broader dual citizenship. […]

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Šileikis on dual citizenship: the arguments are weighty, but not certain to be of a constitutional calibre

At the request of the Seimas, the Constitutional Court has once again returned to the question of dual citizenship. The court has been asked to specify whether the final provisions outlined by it grant the […]

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MPs to turn to Constitutional Court over broader dual citizenship

Lithuanian parliamentarians intend to turn to the Constitutional Court for yet another interpretation of the possibility to expand the institute of dual citizenship. […]

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Lithuania could legalise dual citizenship by scrapping 1990 dividing line – Seimas’ speaker

Amendments to Lithuania’s Law on Citizenship will be submitted to the parliament for approval, but the wording may be changed in the course of debates by scrapping the Mar. 11, 1990 dividing line, Viktoras Pranckietis, the speaker of the Seimas, said on Wednesday. […]