UN peacekeepers in action

Three suggestions to UN on how to prevent future atrocities

The names and places associated with the atrocities that stain the world’s recent history are only too well known: Guernica, Babi Yar, Sharpeville, Treblinka, Hiroshima, Halabja, Rwanda, Srebrenica and, more recently, Aleppo and Yemen, to name but a few. The memories of those who have suffered are as painful as the list is long in a joint article writes the Swedish Ambassador Maria Christina Lundqvist, and Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Viceminister Neris Germanas. […]

Lithuanian and Polish flags

Limping Lithuanian-Polish relations: doubts on the potential for change

Act of Independence signatory Zbignevas Balcevičius admits, speaking of Lithuanian-Polish relations, that the signing of the Act demanded much forethought from representatives of ethnic minorities. With the beginning of national rebirth, various activists appeared. Not […]

In Thailand
Foreign affairs

Thailand may lift visas for Lithuanians by way of exception

Thailand may lift the visa requirement for Lithuanians even though the number of Lithuanian tourists traveling to the Southeast Asian country is too low. […]