Fewer Lithuanians gave bribes in past 12 months than 2 years ago

Some 16 percent of the Lithuanian population have admitted paying a bribe over the past year, shows a survey published by the Special Investigations Service on Wednesday. In 2014, the number was 24 percent. […]

Seimas elections 2016

Reflecting on pre-ELECTION polling

The Conservatives and “Peasants” obtained better election results than predicted by polls through voter loyalty, low turnout among the Social Democrat electorate and the various scandals surrounding the incumbent coalition government believe sociologists. Polls by […]

Voting in the Seimas

The big 3 Parties after the ELECTIONS – scenarios

Politicians are eagerly awaiting the elections and keep repeating that regarding the coalition they will only count their chickens when they hatch. That is not quite reflective of reality. All participants in the political process […]