Tesla Motors in negotiations to open electric car charging station in Lithuania

The negotiations concern a 2.13-hectare commercial land plot in Mastaičiai village near Kaunas. The land plot owned by furniture manufacturing company Idėjų Parkas is ideally suited for an electric car charging station.

According to Silvija Mikutavičiūtė, Export Manager at Idėjų Parkas, the plot is located near the international highway Via Baltica, which is included in Tesla’s route network enabling to travel by electric cars across Europe. Detailed plans were prepared, a slip road was designed and a construction permit was granted. A project of an electric substation was also prepared and design criteria guidelines will be provided.

According to the export manager, negotiations are ongoing not only with Tesla Motors but with possible local partners as well. In 2015-2016 Tesla Motors will be expanding its network of Supercharger charging stations in Europe. In Western and Central Europe and in Scandinavia more charging stations will be erected while the first ones will be built in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states – two in Latvia and one each in Lithuania and Estonia.

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