Three suspects detained in probe into hacking of Lithuanian beauty clinic

Opening of the Grožio Chirurgija clinic
DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

“We are certain that these people played a role in the stealing of the data and extortion of money from Lithuanian and foreign nationals,” Deputy Police Commissioner General Edvardas Šileris said at a news conference.

“The investigation is large-scale and complex. Yes, all of them (suspects) are Lithuanian nationals,” he said.

The detained men are suspected of demanding money from Lithuanian and foreign nationals for keeping the stolen records private.

The pre-trial investigation into the case was launched by the Kaunas district police in April and was later taken over by the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau.

Hackers stole private records of the clinic’s clients, such as their first and last names and identity numbers, and photos before and after procedures.

“The crime has been disclosed and persons detained. What’s most important is that — sensitive data of around 22,000 persons, including their first names and surnames, and photos before and after procedures, were stolen — we can say today that these persons can fell really safe as the police and prosecutors are working and watching these processes,” Deputy Prosecutor General Žydrūnas Radišauskas said.

The suspects, aged 31, 32 and 33 years, have no previous criminal records.

“Thousands of people were asked to pay money. We thank those who turned (to police),” Šileris said.

Police believe that hundreds of victims paid money to the suspects.

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