Two-thirds of Lithuanians positive about euro, according to Eurobarometer

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Asked whether the introduction of the euro would have positive or negative consequences for Lithuania, 60 percent of the polled said that the consequences would be positive. Nearly one-fourth, or 24 percent, believed that the consequences would be negative while the remaining 16 percent were undecided or had no opinion on the issue.

Some 86 percent of people said that the changeover to the euro had been smooth and efficient, while 5 percent said that they had experienced problems when exchanging litas cash into euro cash or withdrawing euro cash from banks in the first week of January.

The majority of the polled, or 92 percent, felt informed about the euro. However, nearly a quarter of people, or 24 percent, said they would like more information about the euro’s security features.

Some 1,000 Lithuanians were phone-polled between 16 and 19 January.

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