Ukrainian economy minister to keep Lithuanian citizenship

Aivaras Abromavičius

The department decided on Monday not to strip Abromavičius of his Lithuanian citizenship, Tomas Berzinskas, spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, told BNS on Monday.

Abromavičius will stay a Lithuanian citizen after a legal provision was applied in his case, stipulating that persons, who emigrated from Lithuania before it restored its independence, as well as their descendents, may have dual citizenship.

According to the Migration Department, Abromavičius’ great-grandfather emigrated from Lithuania in the 1920s to Brazil and he had Lithuanian citizenship.

Abromavičius was granted Ukrainian citizenship last December before his appointment as Ukraine’s economy minister.

Discussions have been taking place in Lithuania for many years whether the country should soften its dual citizenship rules. The country’s Liberal Movement party has recently suggested holding a binding referendum on the issue alongside the upcoming general elections next October.

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