Vilnius celebrates female travellers

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Today, the capital of Lithuania is getting some well-deserved attention at the Women’s Travel Fest Conference in New York and is appearing on the radars of the readers of Unearth Women, an international travel magazine by women, for women, which has featured the city in its second-ever issue.

“We are happy to present Vilnius to one of the most progressive travel audiences looking for new places to explore,” says Go Vilnius Director Inga Romanovskienė. “Women have played an invaluable role in shaping our city and its culture as we know it today, and continue to be at the forefront in establishing Vilnius as a unique, dynamic and open city.”

According to Nikki Vargas, Editor of Unearth Women, female travellers make up more than 70% of the travel consumer base and are responsible for some 84% of travel purchasing decisions. However, despite being such a tour de force in the travel industry, travel media misses the mark when addressing the specific needs of female travellers. The second issue of Unearth Women features Vilnius as a welcoming city filled with active women making a difference with their creativity and professional ventures.

“When it came time to feature a city in our second issue, we were inspired by Vilnius and its cheeky campaign slogan proclaiming itself as the ‘G-Spot of Europe’ for being wonderful yet overlooked. With the city recently celebrating its centenary of women’s suffrage, we wanted to spotlight Vilnius and the past and present women who have helped define this exciting city,” says Vargas.

According to Nikki, Unearth Women combines utility travel content tailored to female travellers, in-depth reporting unearthing women’s stories from around the world, and profiles inspiring women across different industries.

The issue of Unearth Women featuring Lithuania’s capital will be available on the magazine’s website and at bookstores and magazine stands across the US this April.

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