Vilnius court orders entering another name with W in passport

Passport of the Republic of Lithuania
Passport of the Republic of Lithuania DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

The decision was taken in connection to Lithuanian citizen Malgozatos Runevic – Vardyn and her child whose father is Polish citizen Lukasz Pawel Wardyn, Under the earlier ruling, the child’s last name was spelled with a w in his birth certificate. An appeal against the latest ruling can still be filed.

This is the second court ruling to allow spelling of a name of a Lithuanian citizen in non-Lithuanian characters in his personal documents. In July, the court stated that Vilnius migration authorities had no reasons to refuse spelling the last name of a Lithuanian citizen, Pauwels, with a w. According to the ruling, the migration authorities should have followed the birth certificate, which featured the name with a w.

Under the legal acts in effect in Lithuania, first and last names of Lithuanian citizens are spelled in their personal documents in Lithuanian letters only. The issue of name spelling has often been raised by Poles living in Lithuania and Warsaw politicians.

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