Vilnius third most affordable European destination

DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

UK’s largest financial services network Post Office has compiled a list of Europe’s most affordable destinations for a short holiday. The Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, is ranked third on the list.

Researchers calculated the price of two overnight stays for the weekend in a three-star hotel, tickets to an art gallery, popular museums, a cultural heritage object, a tour bus, 48-hour transport costs, transport from an airport to the city centre, a three-course lunch for two, two glasses of wine, soft drinks, a bottle of beer and a cup of coffee.

Here is the top 10 most affordable cities in Europe for a weekend stay:

10. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Total price: €223;
9. Moscow, Russia. Total price: €202;
8. Budapest, Hungary. Total price: €198;
7. Lisbon, Portugal. Total price: €194.65;
6. Riga, Latvia. Total price: €193.6;
5. Athens, Greece. Total price: €190,6;
4. Prague, Czech Republic. Total price: €179.67;
3. Vilnius, Lithuania. Total price: €173.15;
2. Krakow, Poland. Total price: €171.64;
1. Warsaw, Poland. Total price: €155.80.

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