Vote for your favourite Easter egg at the Lithuania Tribune

Every year, Lithuanians and their friends around the world celebrate Easter by painting and exchanging ornately decorated Easter eggs. There are about as many styles, colours and methods as there are Easter eggs, but the most popular styles in Lithuania include the wax drop technique, eggshell scratching, and painting eggs with onion peels.

The tradition of painting is popular throughout Europe, especially in Slavic countries, and some believe that the tradition predates Christianity. Over time, different countries have developed different styles, and Lithuanian eggs are no exception. For many, especially descendants of Lithuanian families, these decorative styles and methods are cherished family traditions.

This year, the Lithuania Tribune decided to hold an Easter egg contest to share this beautiful tradition with our readers and the world. Here are the best of our readers’ submissions.

We invite you to take a look and vote for your favourites. Voting will close in a week (on 4/5/2016). The winner will receive a free year-long subscription to the Lithuania Tribune!

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