VRK and police count complaints related to the elections: number exceeds 50

According to a report from the country’s Police Department on Friday, over several days, the police has received tens of reports about breaches.

“From 7AM February 27 to 6AM March 1, the police received 51 reports on potential breaches related to the elections,” the Police Department stated.

During this period, 4 pre-trial investigations have been launched in a number of districts. Two in Vilnius, one in Kaunas and Alytus each. The investigations were launched in accordance to the Republic of Lithuania Penal Code Article 172 – interference with the right of elections or referendum.

Also, 4 administrative misconduct protocols were compiled in Alytus region. One due to breaches in election or referendum campaigning regulations, two over disturbance of public order and one for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas or the appearance of an inebriated individual in public.

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