What’s on in Lithuania this weekend

Lithuanian Easter eggs


Mados Infekcija 2016 (Fashion Infection 2016) – 3/18 – 3/19

Mados Infekcija bills itself as Lithuania’s largest annual fashion festival, and it attracts contemporary designers from throughout the region.
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Traditional Lithuanian Easter egg painting with wax – 3/18, 3/19

Learn to paint beautiful, colourful Easter eggs in the traditional Lithuanian fashion or try some modern techniques at the offices of the Pavilniai and Verkiai regional park directorate. Participants must register in advance and bring their own hard-boiled eggs.
For more information, click here. (Lithuanian)

If you miss the event on Friday, there is a different egg-painting event on Saturday as well.
For more information, click here. (Lithuanian)

Vilnius Street Battle 2016 – 3/19 9:00
Vilnius’ annual street dancing competition will take place this weekend, featuring athletic and energetic dancers from around the world.
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Japanese Kimekomi egg decoration – 3/20 17:00-19:00
If you’re not interested in Lithuanian egg decoration, consider trying the Japanese craft of Kimekomi at the Japan Culture House.
For more information, click here. (Lithuanian)


The Kaunas St. Casimir’s Fair – All weekend
Kaunas will be holding its own St. Casimir’s fair this weekend, so if you missed the first one in Vilnius or just didn’t get enough, be sure to check it out.
For more information, click here. (Lithuanian)

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