“Wolt” celebrates a year in Lithuania. What are Lithuanian eating habits?

What kind of food is the most favourite among residents of the biggest Lithuania cities?

These numbers show which meals were the most popular this year and how many of them the courier partners of Wolt delivered to Lithuanians:

– 189 000 burgers

– 160 500 wraps and burritos

– 149 000 salads

– 141 000 noodles

– 119 000 boxes of sushi

– 107 000 pizzas

Even though the most popular orders on Wolt app reveal that Lithuanians prefer fast food for their daily meals, the staff also noticed that they are more likely to choose egzotic dishes instead of traditional. However, people from Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda have a bit different taste.

The residents of Vilnius enjoys Asian and Mexican dishes; people from Kaunas fancy getting burgers and pizzas for their lunch while Klaipėda loves sushi.

The biggest order was delivered by 4 courier partners

Lithuaniansindividualists. Planning lunch in the office would be quite cheaper, if colleagues decided to share the delivery cost. However, Lithuanians are used to order meals only for themselves.

In addition, during the first year of service, Wolt managed to deliver a bunch of orders that needed the effort of more than one courier partner.

Lithuanians like to celebrate. The biggest order – 72 pizzas – were delivered to the office celebration by 4 Wolt courier partners. By the way, one Wolt courier can carry up to 9 pizzas in his thermobag.

Lithuanians are loyal. The most active customer has made 351 purchases by far – he orders food for lunch to his office everyday.

Wolt has delivered both to maternity home and train

Lithuanians enjoy food everywhere. The courier partners of Klaipėda have once rushed to the yacht club to deliver the food before the ship leaves or to railway station before the train leaves. Once there was a woman who ordered a box of sushi – apparently she had just given a birth to a child!

Lithuanians love surprises. Wolt has also delivered many orders which were surprises – the customers had no clue that the food was coming to them! For example, one guy decided to cheer his girlfriend by ordering her some kebabs to her office.

Suitable places for new restaurants

The busiest time for Wolt is the Friday lunch and weekends – there are plenty of orders at those times, because people naturally want to spend their free time being with their families and friends, but not cooking.

The biggest amount of orders are delivered in the heart of a city – it also comes naturally as there is a wide choice of restaurants – Wolt partners in a city center. However, that made Wolt staff realise which parts of a city go through a lack of restaurants, which means new businesses there would be warmly welcomed.

These parts in Vilnius is Šiaurės miestelis, Ozo parkas and Fabijoniškės – many young families has moved there these days.

In Kaunas a lot of meals is delivered to Žaliakalnis, while Klaipėda mostly orders to the southern part of the city.

Wolt launched in Lithuania last September and today supplies service to the residents of Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. There is more than 130 000 active customers using Wolt app and 900 courier partners ready to deliver great food at any time from 225 popular restaurants.

Wolt helps to order food to any desired place, even if it is a middle of a park. The service works not only in the biggest cities of Lithuania, but also Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.

More information:

Karolis Antanas Stankevičius

“Wolt” Marketing manager of Lithuania
+370 621 49283

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