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Lithuanian historian: Moscow does not have moral right to host end of WWII celebrations

Ronaldas Račinskas, the head of the International Commission for the Evaluation of Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania, approves of the ideas of Polish politicians when they say that events marking the end of World War II hostilities should take place in other European capitals and not in Moscow. He says that Russia continues to justify its actions with categories from World War II. […]


Russian ambassador sends mixed message in WWII congratulation letter to Lithuania

Alexander Udaltsov, the Russian Ambassador to Lithuania, has released a public letter, congratulating the country on “the 70th anniversary of Lithuania’s liberation from the Germans-fascists”. The ambassador also makes references to topical issues of today, like the conflict in Ukraine, that are designed to provoke controversy, a Lithuanian political observer says. […]

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Poland’s new foreign minister puzzles policymakers in Vilnius

Lithuanian politicians are hoping that the change in leadership of neighbouring Poland’s diplomatic corps will have a positive impact on bilateral relations. Meanwhile political analysts predict that Poland’s president will assume more leadership in the country’s foreign policy. […]