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European Defense: Time for a Higher Level of Ambition

President Donald Trump’s address to the UN General Assembly in September 2018 was a fresh reminder of the United States’ abdication of leadership and rejection of “globalism.” On more and more issues – trade, climate change, the International Criminal Court and, most recently, the Iran nuclear deal – the United States is becoming increasingly estranged from its traditional allies and partners. […]

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Lithuanian army aims to buy 200 US-made armored vehicles

Lithuania’s Armed Forces plans on purchasing at least 200 US-made armored all-terrain vehicles, the Defense Ministry said. […]

D. Trump and D. Grybauskaitė
Foreign affairs

Lithuanian president to meet with US president in Warsaw

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė will take part in a meeting between leaders of Central and East European nations and US President Donald Trump in Warsaw on Thursday. […]

President Grybauskaitė meets the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis

US defense secretary pledges to defend Baltc states but can’t elaborate on Patriot systems

United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis said in Vilnius on Wednesday that the US was ready to deploy defense systems in the Baltic states to deter Russia, however, has given no comment on the possibility to bring long-range defense systems Patriot. […]

Trump and Mattis

Two signals from Donald Trump to the Baltics that Russia won’t like

After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States there were numerous concerns that the new master of the White House will be inclined toward pro-Russian policy – financial links to Moscow and the Kremlin’s praise to the President Elect were concerning. However D. Trump’s statement and decisions show that Russia celebrated too early and could be greatly disappointed. […]