Opinion: From rouble to euro

The first day of this year is the first day of Lithuania with the euro. It is an unavoidable fact, although probably everyone is already tired of hearing the word euro. I must admit: it is certainly much better that the euro is not in everyone’s lips but in everyone’s pockets. Soon enough the currency change fever will go down and we will be less concerned with the pros and cons of having the euro than with having as many euros as we can. […]

Jon Baldvin Hannibalsson, photo by Bogdanas

Hannibalsson: “Lithuania has gone way beyond my expectations”

Jon Baldvin Hannibalsson was the foreign minister of Iceland in 1988-95. Under his leadership, Iceland was the first country to recognize the restored independence of Lithuania. Already since March, 1990, Hannibalsson was one of the main supporters of Lithuanian freedom on the international scene. In January, 1991, despite the displayed discontent of the USSR, he became the only minister of a NATO country to come to Vilnius and to express solidarity with Lithuania during the Soviet aggression. […]